92-A43-X-IN | Product Catalog 3M

Resin Pressure Method (R.P.M.)
The resin pressure method (R.P.M.) Jointing System is well proven and was designed to make fast and simple joints
on XLPE or paper insulated cables. This method is very versatile and adaptable to odd sized cable and different joint
configurations like transition and branch joints. Applicable to a wide voltage range of cables from 1KV – 45KV.
The R.P.M. joint is based on liquid tight tape mold built around the joint. It provides outstanding moisture resistance,
tough mechanical properties and excellent electrical insulation.
All the components required to make a resin pressure splice are conveniently supplied in a kit for. Components
such as Scotch No. 23 tape for insulating, Scotchcast P-3F Spacer tape to build around the joint, plastic vinyl tape
to form the liquid-tight mould and a final overwrap of Scotch Restricting tape to retain the shape of the mold under
pressure as Scotchcast resin is pumped in from the E-4 Resin Pressure Gun. This two-part encapsulating resin
is pre-measured and packaged in 3M’s exclusive Unipak container for exact mixing ratios and to prevent
contamination. When cured the resin will not run, ensuring a strong, dependable, high performance and long
lasting joint


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