DOUBLE TAPE 9075 i | Product Catalog 3M

3M Double Coated Tape 9075 is a high adhesion acrylic adhesive on both sides of a thin nonwoven carrier. It has a very high level of initial tack and good adhesion to a wide variety of sufaces including low surface energy materials.

3M9075 is 0.09 mm thick Acrylic Adhesive with tissue carrier, tapes are specially formulated for many indoor general purpose mounting and joining applications, including bonding to Polyethylene, Polypropylene and many other Plastics.

The tape can be used in  bonding sign, nameplates, plaques, appliance, display case and electronics equipment trim.

We mainly sell 3M brand products, including 3M VHB tape, 3M PE foam tape, double sided film tape, masking tape, electric tape, Bumpon rubber feet, Daul lock tape, 3m Gule and so on, also we can die cut the tape according to your requirements.



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